The House not Haunted

I have no doubt that there are some places in this world that are haunted. This would mean that the spirit of someone long dead has not gone to the Light but is, instead,captured here between dimensions. What a heart wrenching sadness this would be!

I prefer to believe that the majority of so called haunted houses are really only those strongly imprinted with the emotions of the spirits that once lived there or visit freely.

Have you ever walked into a friend's house and , although they are smiling , you felt something wasn't right? Perhaps they had been arguing before you dropped by, but you would sense that emotion or uncomfortable impression. Now, you can imagine a house that perhaps had people living in it who were hungry or unhappy or afraid. That emotional imprint remains and that is what you would feel.

I once stayed at a hotel that I kept having the feeling that I needed to check the exits. I felt panicky at the door, but the rest of the room felt comfortable. Each time I came close to the door I found myself looking at the exit route again. I later found out that the hotel had caught fire several years before and a woman in that very room was unable to escape. She didn't haunt the room. Her fear was deeply imprinted on that space despite renovations.

When I communicate with the Other Side I believe I am communicating with the essence or spirit of the person or animal that once was and remains in some way. The real soul, for lack of a better word, has gone on in the journey of whatever lies in that other World. I have never had a near death experience, I can only relate to what I hear, feel and sense from that energy that can never be created or destroyed.

There is a huge business based solely on the purpose of clearing houses of all the residual emotions...good and bad...that belonged to the previous occupants. Clearing and cleansing can be done with Sage, salt, prayers and/or plain old Pinesol. It is whatever you wish to believe that gives strength to the fervant prayer for all the energy to be transformed into something light  and new.

Don't be is really the key.


  1. I believe in haunted houses. In 1995, I lived in a haunted house in Stockport, Ohio, and my friend and I both had experiences with some type of negative energy. We were so scared. My friend Molly picked up the phone and called you. We lived right across the street from the old jail house down there, and this energy seemed to be from someone who at one time was not a good person. The energy would even invade our sleep. Objects would fly across the room. Appliances would turn on in the middle of the night. I have had several experiences since then in homes, or even around objects that may have a history. I also suffer from Sleep Paralysis, but it only seems to happen when my environment " doesn't feel right" before I go to sleep. You may not remember us, but thankyou for your help years ago!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Wonder if the house in Stockport is still "haunted"? I have an old cabin to explore soon. I'll keep you posted :)